Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Will paying my utility bills on time improve my credit score?

No, it doesn’t factor into the credit score.  Paying your utility bills such as electric company, the gas company, and your television and phone service, it also includes cellular phone providers, on time would not reflect and it doesn’t make it to your credit score.
Your utility companies has nothing to gain if they report you timely paymentsthat is why most utility companies don’t go to the effort and expense of reporting your timely payments to the credit bureaus.
But the thing is some utilities will make a report if you are late on your payments.  Therefore, it will likely go on your credit report if the account goes to a collections agency.  This will not happen unless you make an arrangement for payment with the
But you would rather not do so because this doesn’t mean that you have an excuse of not paying your bills on time.  The utilities are charging interest on late accounts, and therefore they can send the account to a collection agency.


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