Thursday, February 28, 2013


They say there is no such thing as free lunch but come and visit any HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING office, you can schedule an appointment with an Experienced Financial Advisor for a free financial review.  Not only you can ask advice from experts but they will review your finances, assess your goals, and give professional advice based on years of experience.

Whatever your financial needs are HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING is here to meet all of them.  We look forward to advising you.  You will be a great addition to our family of satisfied clients.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013


If you are thinking that your income tax returns are doing good and you do not need a professional help you can think again because it is better to be sure than sorry when after all HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING can do it for FREE. Come into any HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING and we will review your last three years of income tax returns, yes you heard it right, for FREE. We look for any errors or missing deductions & credits. Many times we can amend your returns to get you additional refund money. When you thought you have no more issues and additional refund money, we can find them for you. Read more

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We all realize how life can get rough these days and at HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING we are aware that the economy at times is getting tougher as well and it is not likely to get better. HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING is full sentient of your hardships and in order to provide a little financial relief to those that need it, we are offering free federal 1040EZ tax preparation for all new clients during the 2012 tax season. No need for many hassle to make advantage of the offer, just come to any HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING locations with the “Free 1040EZ” coupon, and if you qualify, we will prepare and file it for free* See it more

Thursday, February 14, 2013


“Believing in yourself” they say is the secret of success but there is more to that.  Making other people believe in you is the way to success.  We believe in our services and so as our

clients.  Time and money are two of the necessities in life and HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING can save them for you.  HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING saved time and money of many

satisfied clients, we are sure you will be too.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Your money should be inside your pockets and not in Taxes.  HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING Income Tax can help ensure that your well-deserved money stays in your pocket.

HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING philosophy offer professional & affordable services.  Many who tried to self-prepare their returns or got to under-qualified tax preparers often caught themselves overpaying their taxes. HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING would not just cover a quality service but would also include a FREE review of your last three years tax returns.  This would help us find mistakes or omissions and can amend your returns to get you back additional refund money.
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Friday, February 1, 2013


HASS ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING was at first doing business as the Tax Center and was then evolved to an accounting industry concerning about income tax preparation.

Years thought us many things, introduced us many people and their walks of life.  We have worked on many types and diverse range of clients, each client was never disappointed because we have prepared millions of personal and business tax returns.  We deal in volumes but we never take superior quality or personalized attention for granted.  Our core principles have always been a focus on customer service and client relations.

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